Give Hope Wings East Expedition 2023 details yet to be announced

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Give Hope Wings East Expedition is planned for
June 2 through June 9, 2024

WELCOME to the 7th GHW Expedition!

2024 East Expedition Route

The 2024 GHW East Route begins in Charlottetown, PEI and makes stops in Nova Scotia, New Brunswich, Quebec before concluding in Ontario
See Itinerary on the left for more details.

VFR Flight

The Give Hope Wings Expedition is generally a VFR Tour, however there may be some situations where plans may differ for VFR vs IFR pilots.

All participating pilots should have a minimum of 200 hours as PIC.

Fees and Cancellation

All pilots must donate a minimum of $500 to their fundraising page. All expenses for the tour are the responsibility of the pilot.

You can cancel at any time using your registration link provided in your confirmation email. However, you are responsible to cancel your own hotel rooms and be aware of the hotel cancellation policy.

If you choose to cancel, or decide not to continue to the destination airport you indicated in your registration, you must notify us so that we are not searching for you!



If you have questions about the event, please contact

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